Who is in ALI?


Shawn Leigh Executive Director/PDSO

Shawn Leigh opened ALI in 2009 with one student and now has exceeded 200 students in 2017. Shawn has a vision to continue expanding the school.

Kasandra Miller Student Affairs Director/DSO

Kasandra Miller started in 2013 as an instructor and student advisor. She became the Director of Student Affairs and DSO in 2015. Kasandra can help students with SEVIS records, school transfers, attendance concerns, and overall program concerns.

Juyeon Kang Student Advisor/DSO

Julie Kang is the main student advisor. Julie can help students with SEVIS records, admissions process, transcripts, and transfer process.

Ari Lopez Academic Director

Ari Lopez oversees all academic aspects of the school from teachers to textbooks. Ari ensures that ALI is providing a strong academic program for student success.

Alma Chaires Academic Advisor-

Alma Chaires began in 2013 as an instructor and now takes on the dual role of instructor and Academic Advisor. Alma ensures that students are placed into the correct level from the placement test and tracks student progress. Alma oversees the remediation program for students needing extra help to succeed at ALI. Students who do not pass their classes are required to meet with Alma multiple times per term.

Rachel Hammouri Student Services Coordinator

Rachel Hammouri started as an instructor and now takes on the dual role of instructor and Student Services Coordinator. Rachel helps students with matriculation to partner universities. Students can schedule an appointment with Rachel to receive guidance on education options after completing their program at ALI.

Student Advisors/Office Staff

Our office staff is available to help you with your requests and connect you with the right person.







Please find ALI advisors for your questions and requests at,
2639 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 230     Dallas, TX 75229 USA
Phone: 214-352-0582 Fax: 214-350-4119