ALI offers an institutional TOEFL(ITP), once each trimester, which is recognized by our partner universities and colleges. At the graduate level, individual departments make admissions decisions. ALI student advisors have helped many international students to obtain conditional admission to the accredited universities in the U.S. and will be pleased to assist you.

The TOEFL ITP assessments share the same rich heritage as the TOEFL test - the world's most widely accepted and respected English-language assessment.

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Why does ALI use the TOEFL ITP?
ALI wants to assess the progress of students in our English language program. The TOEFL ITP provides students with an affordable assessment which is certified and issued through ETS. The test is geared toward intermediate to advanced English language learners.

What skills are tested on the TOEFL ITP?
1.Listening Comprehension- measures the student's ability to understand spoken English at a university level.
2.Structure and Written Expression-measures the student's ability to recognize structural and grammatical points in written English.
3.Reading Comprehension- measures the student's ability to read and understand English academic material at a university level.

What is the structure of the test?
The test is a paper-based test with multiple choice questions testing the three English skills listed. Students bubble in their answers onto a separate answer sheet.

Can Non-ALI student participate in the TOEFL ITP?
No, the TOEFL-ITP is for the institution's use only. ALI cannot administer this test to non-ALI students.

How often does ALI administer the test?
ALI administers the TOEFL ITP three times a year. The test is held once each trimester. Please contact ALI for the exact time and date of the exam and the deadlines for registration.

Where can I get more information on the TOEFL ITP?
All of the information on this sheet is from You can get more information from the ETS official website.

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